large group. small group. serve.

What are the next steps for me or my family?


Our answer to that question is pretty simple. We want to lead all who attend Watkinsville to become wholehearted followers of Jesus. We believe this can be best lived out in three areas of our church:

Large Group

Each week we gather together on Sunday mornings at 9am, 10:15am, and 11:30am* (*During the school year). We sing songs together and listen to teaching from God's Word. This is the easiest way to connect to our church. But we hope you take the next step and find a group to join. 

Small Group

Smaller Groups provides an environment for you to follow Jesus with other believers, not alone. We have groups for kids, students, and adults

Area of Service

Finding a place to serve within the church allows us to show others the love of Jesus and serve as He did.  



Have more questions? We would love to talk with you.


Pastoral team

Scott Carson  /Children's Pastor

Scott Carson

/Children's Pastor

Daniel NeSmith  /Student Pastor

Daniel NeSmith

/Student Pastor

Jason Dominey  /Worship Pastor

Jason Dominey

/Worship Pastor

Joel Shinpoch  /Communications Pastor

Joel Shinpoch

/Communications Pastor

Vic Doss  /College Pastor

Vic Doss

/College Pastor

Carlos Sibley  /Pastor

Carlos Sibley


Sean Mills  /Executive Pastor

Sean Mills

/Executive Pastor

Robbie  /Missions Pastor


/Missions Pastor


DIRECTORS and support staff

Buz Amason  /Part Time Administrator

Buz Amason

/Part Time Administrator

Barry Johnson  /Facilities Manager

Barry Johnson

/Facilities Manager

Gayle Vice  /Director of Preschool Ministries

Gayle Vice

/Director of Preschool Ministries

Brooke Davis  /Youth Ministry Associate & Intern Coordinator

Brooke Davis

/Youth Ministry Associate & Intern Coordinator

Jess Mathisen  /Administrative Assistant

Jess Mathisen

/Administrative Assistant

Jessica Wenrich  /Ministry Assistant

Jessica Wenrich

/Ministry Assistant

Randy Cain  /Senior Adult Director

Randy Cain

/Senior Adult Director

Leah Sowell  /Children's Ministry Director & Database Manager

Leah Sowell

/Children's Ministry Director & Database Manager

Taylor Crouse  /Youth Ministry Associate & Intern Coordinator

Taylor Crouse

/Youth Ministry Associate & Intern Coordinator

Deborah Shepherd  /Financial Secretary

Deborah Shepherd

/Financial Secretary



Bob Bishop

Bob Bishop

Kurt Lawrence

Kurt Lawrence

David Schumann

David Schumann

Ralph Moore

Ralph Moore

Stan Tedder

Stan Tedder

Chris Morgan

Chris Morgan



John Allen

John Barnette

Andy Barrs

Rob Cunningham

Mike Epps

Greg Hale

Doug McFarland

Allen Rice

Mike Simoneaux

Steve Simmons

Jeff VanDeMark



Noah Ashley  /Worship

Noah Ashley


Callie Barnes  /Youth

Callie Barnes


Callie Beller  /Youth

Callie Beller


Harrison Brown  /Intern Coordinator

Harrison Brown

/Intern Coordinator

Carly Clark  /College

Carly Clark


Kenny Gonyea  /Kids

Kenny Gonyea


Carly Malkiewicz  /Communications

Carly Malkiewicz


Kayla Phillips  /Events

Kayla Phillips


Mac Willingham  /College

Mac Willingham


Brooke Davis  /Intern Coordinator

Brooke Davis

/Intern Coordinator

Caroline Head  /Communications

Caroline Head


Katie Mercardante  /Youth

Katie Mercardante


Hannah Roberts  /Kids

Hannah Roberts


Ben Wolfe  /Youth

Ben Wolfe


Katlyn Durrence  /Kids

Katlyn Durrence


Tyler Jesko  /Worship

Tyler Jesko


Kate Mixon  /College

Kate Mixon


Katie Story  /Youth

Katie Story


Savannah Farr  College

Savannah Farr


Ryan Kone  /College

Ryan Kone


Hannah Peters  /Kids

Hannah Peters


Massey VanDerMark  /College

Massey VanDerMark