January 30 - Day 5

Read Proverbs 16: 1-8 




I wasn’t a Boy Scout growing up, but I have always had respect for their motto.  The idea is not to put yourself into a position of danger but to be ready when one arises.  Likewise, we need to be prepared to hear from God because we never know when or how He will speak to us.  


How do we prepare to hear from God?  The simple answer is to pray and read His Word, but a lot has to do with our attitude while we are doing that (and everything else we do.)  


Remember that God’s purpose for prayer is not primarily for us to get the things we want but to get the mind of God.  If our mind is aligned with God’s mind, then the things we want will be the things He wants for us, and God loves to answer those prayers. 


When I read God’s Word and pray, sometimes I am richly blessed by an exciting revelation from God. Other times, I hear silence and wonder if I have wasted my time.  The thing is, we can never predict when or how God will speak to us – through prayer, reading His Word, the beauty of nature, or a tough time we are going through.  If we want to hear from God, we have to constantly listen, expecting to hear from Him.  Remember that hearing from God isn’t always comfortable. God loves to take us out of our comfort zone and give us tasks we don’t think we can handle.


Please read Romans 8:28-30 and pay special attention to verse 29.  Pray with me that God will mold us into the persons He wants us to be (the image of His Son).  Being molded isn’t always comfortable, but the results are far beyond any discomfort we might experience.

By John Worley

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