January 28 - Day 3

Read 2 Corinthians 4:17-18

Through little fault of his own, our Ethiopian son was ill-prepared for life in America. He expected a perfect place, full and free. Full of non-stop, fun activity and material possessions; free of work, difficulty, pain and sadness. Needless to say, he was shell-shocked and disheartened as reality dawned. 


The good-intentioned people who had helped prepare him for his future knew little about life in America themselves. Few, if any, had ever left Ethiopia. And, likely, they did not realize the dreams he had conjured up in his mind. The trainers themselves were ill-prepared, while our son was unaware of the lies he was building his hopes on, lies that would pave the way for difficult transitions, in daily life and relationships. 


Through untangling reality and fantasy with our boy, the Lord showed me that I struggle in similar ways myself, with little excuse. I have known the truths of the Gospel and this present life for years, yet I fall into the trap of anticipating good, easy days in the here and now. I get out of sorts when challenges and attacks come. In believing the lies, I set my heart up for discouragement and put strain on relationships with those around me. I set myself up for defeat. 


Too often, I succumb to defeat before I listen to the Spirit’s reminder that life isn’t meant to be this way. When I listen to Truth, things change. Broken over my belief in the lie, but not beaten up, I turn to the One who prepares my heart, prepares me for this life that He knows so well. I have the perfect Trainer.  


Read Romans 8:18-39. Ask the Lord to search your heart, root out the lies, and prepare your heart for His glory.

By Amy Sprayberry

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