January 27 - Day 2

Read Isaiah 42: 1-8 

I used to believe that all idols were golden statues and that as long as I wasn’t bowing to them, I didn’t have idolatry in my life. The real issue with idols is a heart issue. An idol is anything or anyone that takes a higher position than Jesus Christ in my heart and life, anything that claims more of my devotion and affection than Him. Our God is a jealous God, and He wants our entire heart - not just part of it.


Idols in our culture are often subtle. They take the form of good things: marriage, family, job, and hobbies. The problem arises when these "good things" become "god things".  They begin to become the source of our identity and purpose and hold a place in our hearts that control how we react to everything else.


What we love, trust, or fear is an indication of where an idol may be hiding.  Our emotions are often the key to identifying the source of our idols.  Take a moment and prayerfully ask the following questions: 


What's my greatest nightmare? What do I worry about the most?

What, if I failed or lost it, would cause me to feel like I didn't even want to live?

What do I rely on to bring me comfort when things go bad?

What do I think about most easily? Where does my mind go to when I daydream?

What makes me feel the most self worth?


The answers to those questions can expose what our hearts are devoted to.  The best way to combat idolatry is with the truth that the true source of our dignity, value, and purpose is wrapped up in Jesus. We put our trust and hope in other people or things because we don't believe that God is for us, or that Jesus is the all-satisfying source of joy.


As you close, read through Colossians 2:6-15 and make note of all that God has given you in Jesus.  Then spend time in prayer thanking God for giving you His Son as the source of your joy.

By Vic Doss

Brad KinneyComment