Day 8

Read Psalm 145:1-7

It was an October night in 2008 when Keyla and I joined other active WFBC members in a reception room atop Town Center in downtown Watkinsville. We were there to fellowship with one another, pray for wisdom and discernment, and to make our financial commitment to the Generations campaign.  Due to substantial growth, our church was in desperate need of more space, and those in charge of casting vision for our church had decided the solution was a new children’s building. The thought was that more space for children would free up space for other ministries. This step of faith became a $3+ million investment by one generation in hopes of reaching the next generation with the Gospel. The result was our present children’s building that we now know as WatKIDSville.


Fast forward to 2015 . . . God has indeed shown favor on WFBC because of the sacrifice and faithfulness of His people. One obvious example is that last month we were able to pay off the remaining balance of WatKIDSville, which can only be explained by Matthew 19:26…”with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  Other examples include: the increased number of families adopting/fostering children, over 50 boys/girls who have gone through the New Follower’s Class, over 500 children attending VBS each summer, and a countless number of children who have been exposed to the Gospel each week.


I wish I could sit down with each of you and share stories of how the lives of children and families have been impacted eternally through the use of the space that the Lord provided. My prayer, however, is that years from now we will not be remembered merely for a beautiful children’s building, but most importantly for preparing children to be whole-hearted followers of Jesus Christ.


In your time alone with the Lord today:

-Give thanks that the debt on WatKIDSville is paid off. 

-Pray for the 100+ faithful people who serve weekly in WatKIDSville .

-Pray for the salvation of children; and pray for parents in their role as the primary disciplers.

-Read Ephesians 5:1-2, and ask the Lord to show you what needs to change in your life to best imitate God as you commend His works to the next generation.

By Scott Carson

Brad KinneyComment