Day 37

Read John 3:22-30

“Complete Joy” 

In this passage, there are two groups baptizing across the river from each other: John’s disciples and the disciples of Jesus.  John’s disciples are concerned that the people are all are going to Jesus and not to John to be baptized.In his response in verses 27-30, John makes several points from which we can learn:


Verse 27: Every gift, including salvation, comes from God. The reason the people are going to Jesus to be baptized is because God is leading them.


Verse 28: God is sovereign.  John knew that the people would eventually turn from him to Jesus because that was God’s plan. 


Verse 29: We as believers rejoice when we fulfill our commission to point others to Jesus and they (the bride) hear His (the bridegroom’s) voice.  John was sent by God to gather people and point them to Christ.  As the people turn from John and to Jesus, John can rejoice because he knows that God is at work fulfilling His plan.


Verse 30: Our joy can only be complete when His purpose and divine will trumps our own.  John knew his role in God’s plan and was overjoyed to see the result – people turning to Jesus.


The world and our own sinful hearts tell us that happiness comes from power, fame, wealth, etc.  John’s example shows us that our joy becomes complete when we fulfill our purpose as part of God’s plan.   And our purpose is clear: to point our family, our neighbors, our nation, and our world to Christ.  Please ask God to enable us through the Holy Spirit to see and believe the truth.  He must increase and we must decrease. As we see others turn to Him, we will experience complete joy because we know the love of the One they are turning to for salvation.

By Scott and Amy Shuford

Brad KinneyComment