Day 36

We’ve spent these last few weeks focusing on God’s call for His people.  We’ve taken time to prepare our hearts, and especially to pray. Now we must  ask the question – “what’s next?”.  What will our response be to Jesus’s command to go, to make disciples, all over the world?


Acts 1:8 records the instructions that Jesus gave: “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”


It’s more of what we will be than what we will do.  Jesus said we will be His witnesses. Jesus says we WILL be.  Not a suggestion or even an invitation.  It’s a statement. Whatever we do, we are bearing witness to the world. Not sometimes we can be. Nor one day will be.  We already are. Bearing witness of who God is.  Testifying of His glory.


The question we must ask is this– are we faithful witnesses or unfaithful? Do we display His glory at the soccer field and the office lunch and around the table with our family?  

Does the world see from our lives that He is worthy?  Worthy of our wholehearted devotion?  Of our sacrifice?  Of our affection, our focus, our discipline?  Do our lives tell THE TRUTH about who He is?


What does the life of a faithful witness look like?

PRAY continually (Acts 1:14)

Love fellow believers (Acts 2:42-45)

Do life together (Acts 2:42-45)

Always share the Gospel (Acts 2:47)

Give sacrificially (Acts 2:45)

Praise God (Acts 2:47)


As we close today’s devotional, let’s ask the Lord for specific ways/times/places we can be His faithful witnesses.  And let’s pray for His grace to display the TRUTH of HIS GLORY….wherever we are.    

By Suzanne Chambers

Brad KinneyComment