Day 33

Read Luke 13:29 

What a beautiful expression of God’s eternal purpose: to redeem a people for His own from the whole-wide earth, to eternal
intimacy with Him! This promise comes in the midst of Jesus’ response to the question "Lord, will those who are saved be few?” His answer is both simple and profound: "Strive to enter through the narrow door.” We know from 2 Peter 3:9 that God is not willing for any to perish, and that the invitation is not narrow, but is extended to all who are weary, all who are needy, to whoever would come. God’s longing is for all the nations to know Him. 


Jesus' response is not a restriction to the invitation, but it is a clear expression that He himself is the only way to God. The door is narrow because there is only One who can open a way to the Father, only One who would pay the horrific penalty of sin, only One who can satisfy the holiness and justice of God. Jesus is the narrow door, and following Him is the only way to salvation. Only those who recognize their need for a Savior and trust Christ alone can enter through the narrow door. 


Just a few verses later, Jesus laments that so many are unwilling to accept God’s invitation to eternal intimacy with Him (see v. 34). It is not an easy thing for the human heart to acknowledge its need for a Savior and to relinquish control; and yet, the heart of Jesus is for all to gather under the protection and love and embrace of God. 


Let’s pray today for willing, open, surrendered hearts to come from east and west and north and south to enter through the narrow door of faith in Jesus Christ. Let’s pray for God to send more laborers who can share the truth about where that narrow 

door leads: to intimate companionship with a loving Father and the powerful Sovereign of all creation. 


By Eric Peters, International Director of Pioneers

Brad KinneyComment