Day 32

Compelling Love
Read 2 Corinthians 5:14-15 


Living and working in North Africa these past two years has given me the amazing privilege to meet many missionaries. In their presence, I consistently find myself asking about what compels them to such service. As I write, I think about one particular couple that have labored for 7 years without a single conversion. Don’t you want to know what motivates people like that? Better yet, what sustains people like that? I have encountered some compelling reasons for missions. Some people go into missions to provide humanitarian relief. Others feel compelled to a certain geography, topography, or culture; Personally it was a love for Muslims. But it did not take long to realize that a love for Muslims, although honorable, is insufficient. There are days that they drive me crazy! The reality is that merely having a love for them is insufficient. John Dawson a leader with YWAM once wrote, “You can’t feel deeply for an abstraction or a concept. You would find it impossible to love deeply an unfamiliar individual portrayed in a photograph, let alone a nation or a race or something as vague as “Muslims.”’ Oh how true!


So often the Church sits anxiously waiting for a “love for the lost” that would compel us to share our faith. The reality is that a love for the lost is a fleeting emotion. But Paul provides the only legitimate motivation, “The love of Christ compels us!” Our lost and broken world does not need our love, it needs Christ’s; and if we truly love Christ we will share our faith and live on mission with Him. May we spend this day praying that we all would, “know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge,” as well as, allow, “Christ’s love to compel us” to action. 


Andrew and Annie, Watkinsville Missionaries to North Africa

Brad KinneyComment