Day 30

Read Revelation 21:1-7 & 22-27 

We live in a pretty crazy world. We look around and see the downward spiral of morality in America; the uprising of evil through groups like ISIS and Boko Haram, the rampant spread of disease and death, and the merciless persecution of our Christian brothers and sisters. Whether it’s Palestine or Paris, San Francisco or Syria, nothing seems certain; nowhere seems safe. We can be tempted to despair, with death so relentless and suffering so constant. Or, since we live in the comfort of America, we can simply choose to ignore the realities around us and go on with life as though nothing is happening. But I want to offer a third way, based on the glorious promises in the vision of John. 


We are reminded here of the reason we have hope in this seemingly hopeless world, of the truth that resonates through the pages of Scripture: Things will not always be this way. We know that one day, our King Jesus will return, and everything sad will come untrue. Death and pain shall be no more! The former things will pass away, and darkness will be replaced with the ever-shining light of the glory of God. 


As I meditate on these promises, I am driven to pray in three specific ways. First, let’s ask God to help us fix our eyes on things above, and not to be shaken by things here below. Second, let’s pray for Christians around the globe for whom our daily newsfeed is their daily reality; pray that they would be strengthened and encouraged by the knowledge that one day their King will wipe away every tear from their eyes. Finally, let’s pray that the truth and hope of the Gospel would bring light into the darkest corners of the Earth; and that peoples from every tribe, tongue and nation would come to worship King Jesus and find the same comfort and joy that we have as we long for His return. 


Written by Chris Fitzgerald

Brad KinneyComment