Day 29

Imagine over 6,000 people groups -- spanning billions of individual people -- who have yet to even hear that God loves them. Some have never even heard the name of Jesus. 


Meanwhile, Jesus has given us, as His followers, a clear command (Read Matthew 28:19-20). We call this command the "Great Commission" and the Gospel the "good news" of what God has done in Christ. As Paul said in Romans 1:14, we are "obligated" to tell the nations this Good News. Believers this side of heaven owe the Gospel to lost men and women this side of hell. 


But do we really believe Jesus was serious in His commission to us? And do our actions, our decisions, our use of resources, and our lives show that we are serious about getting the Gospel to people who have never heard it? 


In order to get the Gospel to people all over the planet, we must see our lives as uniquely designed and ultimately blessed for this purpose. The reason why we have breath, and the reason why we have the Gospel, is to make His grace and His glory known to the ends of the earth. That means that global mission is not a compartmentalized program in the church for a select few; it is the purpose for which each one of us was created. 


With tens of thousands of Southern Baptist churches, together we can play a significant part of reaching every single unreached people group with the Gospel. I long to see this reality - to be part of the generation that ultimately sees all nations reached with the Gospel. Yet if I don't see that day in my lifetime, I want to die trying. 


Let's join together to exalt Christ as we work together to complete His Great Commission. Ask God today how He might use your church, your Life Group, your family to be more engaged in praying, giving and going for the sake of global mission - to reach the unreached with the Gospel, in order that they might hear the Gospel, believe it and give God the glory due His Name! 


David Platt, IMB

Adapted from IMB resources

Brad KinneyComment