Day 26

John 17: 6-18

We live in a nation that is a mess in many ways. “One nation under God” seems like a distant dream instead of a foundational principle. Moral failure, political fighting, and social injustice, are just a few of the characteristics of this country we call home. It is a place that seems so far from God, a place that can hardly be called “one.”


Yet, this is not far from the society that confronted Jesus and His disciples. Despite this, we see in His glorious prayer in John 17, a call to go into this world, a call to be set apart but not be separated from the madness. For us who follow Christ, it is a reminder that Jesus is not surprised by where we find ourselves, in fact He lived it before us, and He was praying for us as He prayed for His disciples. 


Jesus equips us, His Spirit is with us, and He has sent us! He is always with us! Christ has given us His Word and He sends us so that “the world may believe”. The only question that remains is: will we cower and run in fear, or will we take up the Gospel and go?


As you pray, ask the Father to tell you where He wants you to go with His Story. Is it to your coworkers, your classmates, or maybe even to your family? Maybe God would have you share within your neighborhood? Maybe God would have the audacity to call you to pick up and move to another place in this great nation where the Gospel presence is so small, yet so needed?


The last thing I want to ask you to do is a dare. Actually, it is a call to obedience, an act of submission that comes out of your love for Him, initiated by His great love for you. Will you finish your time with the Lord by simply declaring, “Where You send me, I will go.” It is a prayer that is both scary, yet freeing. Putting all your trust in the fact that the God who prayed for you in John 17 will provide for you every step of the journey He has called you to travel.

Written By Steve turner of NAMB

Brad KinneyComment