Day 12

Luke 2:22-28

All of us want to be valued and to belong whether you are a child, a middle schooler, a young adult, or a Senior adult.


I wonder if Simeon felt valued by those around him as he waited at the temple day after day looking for the “Consolation of Israel.” God had given him a promise that he would see the Messiah before he died.  What better place to look than the Temple where all male, firstborn children would be brought to be presented to the Lord.  As compared to the Temple priests who usually consecrated the male children, He may have been the least impressive person outwardly at the temple that day.  But inwardly God saw a Senior man, ”righteous and devout,” “full of the Holy Spirit”. And God “moved” him “by the Spirit” to go to the temple that day, and consecrate the Baby Jesus for His life’s work as Messiah. 


Another Senior was nearby - a widow named Anna who was so in tune with God that she was able to recognize “the redemption of God” in a 40 day old baby boy named Jesus.  God valued these two Seniors! Talk about Senior Recognition Day!    


Not all of us Seniors are as amazingly godly as Simeon and Anna.   But all of us have a story to tell, a history of prayer, growing wisdom, and a lot of “man hours” at the temple!  We have tried to pass the torch forwards.  Some are still trying to pass the torch.  A few are just able to hold the torch now. But WE ARE ALL VALUABLE TO GOD!


Let’s prayerfully consider the following:

What qualities contributed to Simeon’s legacy of faith?  What legacy of faith would you like to leave some day?  What habits, giftedness, and skills do you need to develop now in order to achieve it while also depending on the Holy Spirit? 


“True and undefiled religion is visiting widows and orphans in their distress….” James 1:27 How can you, your family, or your ABF encourage  your Senior friends? 

By Linda Heard

Brad KinneyComment