Day 10

Read 2 Timothy 3:14-17

Before becoming a part of Watkinsville’s college ministry I never had a strong desire to read the Bible. To me, the Bible was a book that God used to tell me what was right and wrong and how to live my life. I didn’t understand that the point of the Bible was to point to Jesus. All along I had thought that the Bible was about me, when in reality it is about Jesus.


Watkinsville’s college ministry places such an importance on the Bible because they know it is completely true, and their desire is for college students to truly desire Jesus and the Word. It is so easy for us as believers to become numb and apathetic to reading the Bible, but the Bible exposes our deepest thoughts and intentions. It is much harder to see our sin if we aren’t reading and meditating on the Word. 


Reading and studying the Bible allows us to know the different aspects of God’s character, and it gives us the privilege of actually knowing who God is. When you think of your closest friends, do you think of the people you’ve just met or do you think of the people that you know the most about? For me, my closest friends are the ones that I know the most about. In the same way we become closer to God when we get to know him through his Word. 


The desire of Watkinsville’s college ministry is to see college students truly love God and love people, and one of the ways this is possible is by building the college ministry on God’s Word. 


As you close read Hebrews 4:11-13. Pray that the Lord would convict you and reveal your sin to you through the reading of His Word. Pray for the Holy Spirit to put in you a desire to read God’s Word. Lastly, pray that our college ministry would continue to encourage college students to know and love the Bible and to make disciples of all nations.

By Leslie Brandon

Brad KinneyComment