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Equipping Studies.  New studies start each semester and are designed to help EQUIP the church to do the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13).  Throughout the year WFBC offers studies for men, women, couples and singles. 


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Men's Fight Club. Led by Fred Schuller

Room 305.  Wednesdays 6:30-7:45pm starting January 13th. Contact Fred Schuller to confirm the meeting schedule.

The Fight Continues!  Fight Club is designed for men to join together in the fight against sin. This fall Fred Schuller will lead men into real conversations about the traps we face in life.  Through the combination of powerful testimonies and the 33 video series, men will learn to identify the traps we face each day in life and learn to fight back. There will also be opportunities to join men's groups, in order to create accountability and sustain the real fight against sin. Make War!  Click image to see video.  For more info email


Preparing and equipping those considering marriage.  For more information, click on image below.

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Previous Studies

Essential Doctrines - Summer 2016

What do you believe about man, God, and salvation? What beliefs are essential to our church? These are questions we will address starting on May 29 in our summer study called Essential Doctrines.  During this 8 week study we will cover topics such as the Authority of the Bible, the Doctrine of God, the Doctrine of man, Salvation, the Trinity, Baptism and more.  We will also have a panel and QA session to answer some of the harder questions about what we believe.  This study is open to Sunday Classes and anyone else desiring to learn more. Questions? Email

If you have any questions about our studies, contact Robbie Woelfl at