SENDathens is the first city-wide Mission Conference put on by a collaboration of mission leaders from numerous churches and organizations in Athens who desire to see the message of Christ taken from the city of Athens to the places around the world thus far unreached with the gospel.

This conference is great for those interested in missions in one way or another, to really go deeper in their understanding of the task at hand and the steps needed to see the Great Commission accomplished. Really, SENDathens is just a conference for anyone that is interested in missions, has been on a mission trip, or just generally cares about people knowing Jesus!  I hope you will be able to make it, but also would ask you to make this known to those in your church and community.  Announce it on Sunday, put it in your newsletters, talk about it on social media, tell your friends - help us spread the word about this desire to see Athens be a sending city.

If none of that attracts you or your people, here's something that will help: there is childcare reimbursement for this event!  So, go on a date with your spouse, go to a mission conference, and get reimbursed for the childcare costs.  It's a win/win.

            • $15 gets you into the conference, a tee shirt, conference booklet, and snacks/coffee.

            • Friday night, April 15th, 7-9:30

            • Saturday morning, April 16th, 9-12

            • You can register here: