Wow! I'm excited!

Wow! I'm excited! Sunday is Commitment Day and our first of three Giving Days in our GOING Challenge. In some ways, you could say Sunday is Going Day. Like the night before a long anticipated trip, my heart is racing! 

Over the past six weeks, I have attempted to put before you where I believe God is leading us to go over the years ahead.  In essence the Going Challenge is our plan to fulfill our part of the Great Commission. 

Through prayer, evangelism, church planting and revitalization, ministries of compassion, engaging unengaged people groups, and completing our property master plan, we will be making wholehearted followers of Christ. Each of these endeavors requires faith that God will come through as we obediently respond step by step. 

Hopefully, either in our worship services or in the mail you have received an envelope with a Commitment Card. Please use this card to guide your praying and commitments. I am asking God to give us $3 million in commitments over the next two years. 

The Commitment Card is not just to record a commitment to give. That's only one facet. There is also space there to indicate other ways the Spirit is leading each person to participate in the different pieces of the Going Challenge. 

Please come on Sunday prepared to give.  I am praying we will have $1 million in hand before we start construction. We are designating this Sunday, along with June 24 and August 12th, as Giving Days to move us toward that goal. The pace of our giving will determine the pace of our going. 

I've heard people say, "I'm not sure how my little bit of giving will make any difference in something so big." More than an amount given, the answer to this is "obedience makes a difference." I'm praying for 100% obedience. We can trust God on the other side of obedience!

Ten years ago, our church came to a day similar to this and began what we now know as watKIDSville. A decade later, hundreds of souls have been added to the Kingdom and hundreds of lives have been connected to the local church. Many of you are part of the story of what God has done since that day. Let's all with equal sacrifice GO again! 

Together with you for His glory,
Pastor Carlos