This phrase continues to capture my heart and fill my prayers

"A Revival of Concern." This phrase continues to capture my heart and fill my prayers. Imagine hundreds of people all around us being able to say like the Apostle Paul, "I rejoiced, greatly, that you have revived your concern for me."  The opportunities to show this concern are all around us. And according to God's promises the resources will be provided to meet those. That fires me up


Sunday we affirmed a slate of 9 new Deacons (John Allen, John Barnette, Andy Barrs, Rob Cunningham, Mike Epps, Allen Rice, Mike Simoneaux, Steve Simmons, and Jeff VanDemark). They will join seven others already serving (Mike Cain, Greg Hale, Bucky Kirk, Zac Lester, Jason Matthews, Doug McFarland, and Rob Melton). I'm grateful for their willingness to take on this responsibility of serving the needs of our church body.  

All three of our morning services this coming week will be in the Life Building. This will allow us to observe Communion together during that time of worship. Please work hard to be in the room ready to worship at the start of the services.  Every minute is important. The room will be set up a bit different in order to help us really focus on what Christ has done in his death on the cross. Prepare your hearts ahead of time by prayerfully reading through John 19 this week.

Then comes Easter! April 1st is Resurrection Day. Many people just need a personal invitation to be there on that day. Make the ask. The message for the day is "One Thing That Changes Everything" because Jesus rising again certainly does just that!



Pastor Carlos