Final Edition of the Messenger

Mrs. Nancy will be retiring in just a few days. I can attest that it will not be the same without her here as a part of our staff team. She will certainly be missed! One of the many areas she has helped us with over the years is our weekly newsletter: The Messenger. After she wraps things up, we will be moving to a different approach for this newsletter.

The Change: The Messenger newsletter that is mailed each week will now be digital. Each week we will send an email out on Wednesdays, that we call the “Watty Weekly.” If you do not currently receive our weekly email, please let us add you to the list. Simply email and let us know you want to be added. If you do not have access to email, please call us at 706.769.8822 and we can send you a printed copy of this email each week.

If you love receiving something printed there is good news! We will still be sending out a newsletter but on a less frequent basis. What should you expect with this piece? Stories that capture what God is doing among our church family, reports on events, ministries, and our mission endeavors, vision for what is ahead, and information on upcoming events.

Why the change? This new format will save money with less printing and mailing and allow us time to work on a significant newsletter to keep you up to date on the happenings of Watkinsville.

How can I receive information from the church? 24/7 at On a weekly basis, you can receive Information from the Sunday Paper (our bulletin/handout), the Watty Weekly (an email sent each Wednesday), through social media (twitter/instagram- @watkinsvillefbc and, and our new newsletter that will start this spring.

My desire is for everyone to receive information in a timely and helpful manner. So please call me
(706.769.8822) or email me ( if you need any assistance or have questions. Thank you, church family, for all you do to make this such an amazing place!
Joel Shinpoch
Communications Pastor