Life Connect Event


What is Life Connect?

Life Connect is an event designed to connect people into smaller groups in our church called Life Groups. This event is a great opportunity for you to hear more about Life Groups and to get acquainted with your new group.  Life Connect is not designed for people to show up to the event and try multiple groups.  Our desire is that through registration, each person would be personally invited by a leader to join their group before attending the event.

When is the Life Connect Event?

The Life Connect Event is held twice a year in January and in August. Registration on this page will open about a month before the event.  Registration closes on the Wednesday prior to the event.  The earlier you register the easier it is to get connected.   

What happens after I register for Life Connect?

After you register, staff and leaders will start working to find the right Life Group for you.  The earlier you register the easier it is to get connected to a group.  Once a group is identified, a leader will contact you and invite you to be in their group and to sit at their table during the Life Connect event.  If we cannot find a group for you prior to the event, a staff member will contact you.  We encourage you to not give up and to still attend the event.  We will continue to work on connecting you to a group even after the event.  We feel community is so important especially at a large church.  If you do not get connected this semester, try one of our Sunday morning ABF's while you wait. Click here for a list of ABF groups

Who should attend a Life Connect event and what are Life Groups?

Life Connect is designed to help people connect into Life Groups. Life Groups are for adult singles, engaged and married couples.  If you are married and looking for a gender specific group (women's or men's group) you would not register for this event.  Go to our men's and women's ministry pages for more information about gender specific groups and studies. 

What hour do I attend the Life Connect event (August event only)?

For the August event, you will be contacted by your new Life Group leader or staff and they will let you know which hour to attend.  Our January event typically has only one hour to attend.

What if I do not have a Life Group or a Life Group leader?

You are registering for the right event! Our goal is that before you attend this event, a Life Group leader will be in touch to give you a personal invite to be in their group.  Registering sooner than later will give you a better chance of being invited into group.  If you are not contacted by a leader before this event, we hope that you will still attend.   There are so many things happening the week of Life Connect, there is still a possibility of meeting the right group at the event. If you do not get connected this semester, try one of our Sunday morning ABF's while you wait.  Click here for a list of ABF groups.

What if I want to consider leading a Life Group?

That is great!  Click here to fill out the leadership application.  After submitting the form, you will be contacted by a Life Group coach or pastor.

Will childcare be provided for this event?

Yes! There is childcare available for this event.  When you register for the event, please indicate your needs for childcare. 

Does Watkinsville provide childcare for Life Groups during the year?

There is free childcare available at the church on various Sunday evenings throughout the school year.  Click here to visit the web page with our Life Group childcare schedule.  Your life group leader will help you register for this if it is a fit for your group's meeting time and location. 

If you have any other questions please contact Robbie Woelfl at