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More than a place, Watkinsville First Baptist is a people on mission to glorify God by making wholehearted followers of Christ. Our hope is that as you experience our church you will see ordinary people who have had their lives completely changed by Jesus. We are not perfect, but we see the effects of Christ transforming our lives to be more like him.

Together we hope to: learn what it means to follow Jesus wholeheartedly, strengthen families within our church body, impact the thousands of college students who move through our community, and take the good news of Jesus to the world.

Carlos Sibley  /  Pastor

Carlos Sibley  /  Pastor



Life Building Only

Other Ministries: 
Kid's Infant-3rd grade

Adults Sunday Classes: Young Adults, Newlywed/Engaged, Young Married 1, Seekers, Encouragers, Koinonia.


Life Building or Sanctuary

Other Ministries: 
Kid's Infant-5th grade 

Middle School & High School

Adult Sunday Classes: College Bible Study, Quest, Young Married 2, Adult 1, 2, 3.


Life Building Only

Other Ministries:
Kids programming provided at previous hours

Adult Sunday Classes: 20 Somethings.

For more information about our Sunday class schedule and locations click here.

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Sunday Morning Worship and Groups

Life Building:  The worship style in our life building would be described as alive and full of energy.  Typically we have anywhere from 300-600 people in the Life Building each hour.  Life Building worship is offered during all three hours.

Sanctuary:  If you are looking for a more intimate and unplugged atmosphere version of worship, the Sanctuary may be for you. There are typically 150-275 people attending worship in the Sanctuary.  Sanctuary worship is offered at the 10:15 hour only.

Sunday Classes:  We offer smaller groups called Sunday Classes on Sunday mornings.  Click Here to find the right class for you.

*The times above are for our normal Sunday schedule but may change during the summer or holiday season.  Visit the welcome page to confirm times.