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Secret Church 2018

What is Secret Church?

Each Spring, our church joins countless other churches and believers across the globe for Secret Church. Secret Church looks like a "house church" gathering with an intense time of Bible study - lasting 6+ hours - and including a time of prayer for our brothers and sisters across the globe who are facing persecution and for those who still have not heard the gospel (See Each Secret Church location streams live teaching from David Platt that includes video presentations of how to pray for the persecuted. This year's teaching is about Cults and Counterfeit Gospels. The live presentation will take place on April 20th from 6:30pm until 1am EST. You can sign up to attend Secret Church at the bottom of this page. Want a quick description? Watch this video:

Locations-Will you host your group?

In past years, we have streamed the presentation on the church property. We will be hosting groups at houses throughout our community for Secret Church 2018. Will you host your group (or multiple groups) at your house? All that is needed is a strong internet connection, a laptop with hdmi output (Macs work great), and an hdmi cord to connect to your TV. There are 2 test dates in early April to ensure that your setup is adequate for the event. Our church will provide the simulcast sign in information and the booklets for your group. If your group is unable to meet by the start of Secret Church on April 20th, we do allow an option to Delay the start or to replay the event at a later time or date. In the past, some groups have chosen to replay the event on the Saturday morning following the live event. If you want to host your group, please email Brad Kinney at to sign up. If you want to attend a Secret Church Gathering please see the info at the bottom of this page. 

More About the Topic

The apostle Paul was astonished that some followers of Christ in his day were “turning to a different gospel,” and he pleaded with them not to be deceived by those who wanted to “distort the gospel of Christ.” These warnings given to the church in the first century are just as relevant today for the church in the twenty-first century.

For the good of our souls and for the sake of the church’s mission, followers of Christ need to ask, “What false gospels are being taught today?” and “How can I recognize the true gospel among so many counterfeits?” Answering these questions will be the aim of Secret Church 18, “Cults and Counterfeit Gospels.”

We will consider the claims of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and other groups that claim to teach the truth. We will also explore more subtle distortions of the gospel, including prosperity teaching that is rampant across the church. In the end, our goal is to walk away from this Secret Church not only enabled to discern false gospels, but also equipped to share the true gospel with people around us and with peoples around the world.

How do I sign up for Secret Church 2018? 

Groups (Classes and Life Groups) from our church are hosting Secret Church 2018 in their homes throughout Watkinsville and Athens. Below are the groups that are currently hosting a group. Please click the link to sign up or send an email to the Group Host. Each host will send additional info (like their address or anything else you need to bring) in an email the week before the event.

Host 1: Brad and Cathryn Kinney. This site is for college students and young adults wanting to attend Secret Church 2018. There will be 50+ people at this site. 

Host: More Hosts coming soon! If you want to host your group, email 

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