Celebrate with us!

April 16th - Some people call the day Easter. Some people call it Resurrection Sunday. We call it the greatest day on the calendar. This year, April 16th marks the day in history people discovered Jesus was alive. This was amazing because three days before they saw him die. They saw him buried. Under the threat of their lives, soldiers guarded the tomb of the man everyone knew was dead. But then on Sunday, he was alive! What adds to the amazement is that he told them ahead of time he would do just that---die, be buried and rise from the dead on the third day.

April 16th we will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. We will celebrate how we too can be alive-alive with hope, alive with peace, and alive to live forever. Would you join us for the celebration as we remember once again what life is really like when we are fully ALIVE?

On Easter morning we will have 5 services. At 9am and 10:15am you can go to our Sanctuary service or our Life Building service. At 11:30am we will have one service in the Life Building. Both venues have live bands and our pastor will be live in one room and broadcast into the other. The Sanctuary is a smaller and more intimate setting that we like to describe as being “unplugged” with more of an acoustic style. Worship in the Life Building is led by a full band with guitars, piano, drums, and keys. What about your kids? On Easter we invite all kids 4th grade and up to join their family for worship. Birth through Pre-K children can participate in our preschool programming that provides a safe and fun environment. Kindergarten through 3rd grade can participate in our Large Group Kids Rally especially designed for them. Both of these programming options can be found in our children's building "WatKIDSville."

Need help finding your way around? Once you park, enter any of our buildings and you will find an information desk with someone who will be happy to show you around!



Life Building & Sanctuary

Other Ministries: 
Kid's Infant-3rd grade

     -Birth through K: Sunday School

     -1st through 3rd: The Rally

     -4th & 5th: Go to service with parents

*More Seats available


Life Building & Sanctuary

Other Ministries: 
Kid's Infant-3rd grade 

     -Birth through Pre-K: Sunday School

     -Kindergarten through 3rd: The Rally

     -4th & 5th: Go to service with parents


Life Building Only

*No Kids programming

*More seats available



1610 Simonton Bridge Rd
Watkinsville, GA 30677