Sunday Classes

Sunday Classes meet during the morning worship times on Sunday.  They are designed to be word centered and a first step to connect with other believers in the church.  Classes are available for every stage of life. You are welcome to try any class, even if it doesn’t fit your age or life stage. We encourage you to try several before choosing the one that fits you best. See list of classes below.


Sundays 9am

Young Adults - Singles and married couples in their 20's & 30's (Room 303) - Led by David Bethea

Engaged/Newlywed Couples - Engaged or married less than 3 years (Youth Room) - Led by Russ Tanner and Brett McCullough

Young Married 1 - Young married couples with birth to pre-k children (Room 302) - Led by Stan and JoAnn Tedder

Koinonia - Singles and couples, with mostly grown children (Shed) - Led by Mike Epps and Ron Wyrtzen

Encouragers - Singles and Couples Senior adults with adult children (Room 305) - Led by John Chenhall

Seekers - Multigenerational Ladies (Cafe Building Office) - Led by Linda Heard


Sundays 10:15am

College Bible Study - Large group Bible study led by a teaching team (Upper Room Life Building) - Led by Vic Doss

Young Married 2 - Young married couples with birth to elementary children (Room 303) - Led by Paul and Suzanne Chambers

Quest - Multi-generational adult singles and couples (1590 Church House) - Led by Steve Tingle

Adult 1 - Singles and couples with mostly pre-k and elementary children (Basement Enclave) - Led by Carlton Guthrie 

Adult 2 - Singles and couples with mostly middle school and high school children (Shed) - Led by Greg Sowell

Adult 3 - Singles and couples with mostly high school and college aged children (Room 305) - Led by Buz Amason and Steve Simmons


Sundays 11:30am

20 Somethings - Men and Women in their 20s not in college (Youth Room near the Cafe) - Led by Morgans, Healys, Rowlands, and Shinpochs

*Sunday Classes typically do not meet on Easter, July 4th weekend, the last weekend in July, and the two Sundays before and after Christmas.  During the summer, various classes do not meet as they join our combined summer equipping study.  If you have any questions or to confirm when these classes are meeting contact Robbie at