What does it mean to endure? What exactly does it mean for us in our relationship with God?  Psalm 135 speaks clearly on that which has and will endure. Our sovereign God will endure forever and ever.

I frequently have ideas, phrases, or themes that pop in my head and I think, “This needs to be put into a song.” Throughout college, the “Name and Renown” of Jesus has been a phrase and theme that has frequently crossed my mind because of its importance, majesty, and grandeur. Throughout scripture, Jesus addresses us and says that He does everything “for His name’s sake.” In other words, He does everything for the advancement and glory of His name.

This is the heart behind the song Psalm 135 – the name and renown of Jesus. The heading in Chapter 135 in the book of Psalms says, “Your Name, O Lord, Endures Forever.” Influential world leaders, such as King Nebuchadnezzar, King Charlemagne, Alexander the Great, Constantine, and the great leaders of our time, will pass. They will be reduced to books with fading memories and eventually forgotten. The name of Jesus, however, has always been and will always be. His name will endure. 

In Psalm 135, the incredible work that He has done is evident. He chose Jacob for Himself, He commands all of creation, He saves His people from opposition - all for His name’s sake which points to the climax of the text in verse 13, “Your name, O Lord, endures forever, Your renown, O Lord, throughout all ages.” As I read this Psalm, this verse quickly became the heart and message of the song, Psalm 135.

As you listen to this song, I pray you are encouraged to know that the God of the universe has, is, and will, reign and rule forever.  His name and renown will never end. He is King, Lord, Sovereign, and the Author of salvation. I pray this song leads you to worship and to give praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

- Caleb Barnes

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Vocals & Acoustic Guitar // Caleb Barnes

Bass & Percussion // Ethan Langston

Lead Guitar // Lane Langston

Vocals & Cello // Elizabeth Klingbeil


Special thanks

 I want to thank the guy who has helped make the vision become a reality - Ethan Langston. Ethan and I are a part of the Music Business program at UGA and we decided to team up for our semester long microcosm project. I had mentioned that I wanted to record and he mentioned he wanted to produce so we teamed up and went to work. What blows my mind is we recorded everything in his bedroom and had a $0 budget. I’m so grateful for the hard work he has done to not just make a good grade on a project, but also produce a song that glorifies God and encourages His people. Thanks for your hard work Ethan! Also, he is a part of the band The Welcome Home so go check out their music and support their band!

I also want to thank Elizabeth and Lane for their help in crafting this song to its full potential, Shelby Gordon for designing the single cover, and Joel Shinpoch for his help with advertising. Finally, I want to thank Watkinsville College Ministry for their support, prayers, and encouragement through this adventure! 




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