What is #Pray40 about?

What you hold in your hands is a grace soaked testimony to the power and beauty of the gospel of Jesus in the lives of people in our church family. As a staff we felt like God was leading us to focus our 40 days of prayer on families.  Out of that focus came the idea to let members of our church family write the devotional material for these 40 days. In these pages, you’ll read what God is doing in the lives of different people in our church across a wide range of life stages and situations.  Our hope would be that as you read how God is speaking to them that He would speak to you.  You’ll laugh and probably shed a tear as people you and I go to church with every week point you to the greatness and goodness of our God. 

Our vision for how you would use this book would be:

1) Read the devotional material for the day (if possible as a family or with your roommates or co-workers) 

2) Spend time praying in response to what God reveals to you during your time in the Word  


We would suggest you pray in these ways:

A) How do you need to respond individually to what God revealed today?

B) Pray for that truth to work itself out in the lives of your family. 

C) Pray for the people that God will bring across your path during the day.

D) As a family pray for people you know personally who need to trust Jesus as Savior.

E) How can you pray that truth for the nations?

We’ve included a list in the back of the book of missionaries and ministries that we support as a church.  Take some time each day to pray for one or two of the people on this list. 

As a staff, we are praying that the families in our church would be strengthened and that as a church “family” we would see God move in a way that would stir our affections for Jesus and help us spread the fame of His name. 

                By His Grace and For His Glory,


                             Vic Doss

Brad KinneyComment