Day 22

He is above all things and in Him all things hold together.

(Colossians 1:17)


Have you ever looked into the door of your junk room and thought, “there is absolutely no way I am going to get all of this clean and organized?” Me too. As a single, 26 year old woman, I can certainly say life over the last few years has felt that way. There is still a lot of life to figure out in front of me. There is a past to sort through, too; lots of junk accumulated that needed to go into the trash. Sometimes we think “what if I need that again?“ You won’t. The tasks placed before me seem to get bigger and more overwhelming as I get older, but nothing new or better is going to fit until I clean out the junk. It may take a while but the Lord will help. He continues to make me more capable through His power to tackle bigger tasks. Cleaning out is not always easy or fun, but the Lord is above all things and will help you. Take this time to reflect on what needs to be cleaned out in order for the new and better to fit into your life. The God of the universe, the Christ of the cross, the Spirit of Pentecost is yours! Let him clean you out and fill you up. He wants good for you. There are bigger, better things in store than the old garbage you so desperately hold onto. There is work for the waiting and freedom in forgiveness. He IS above all things and brings all things together. Regardless of how impossible your next step may seem or how unclear the strategy of accomplishing it, God is big enough to guide you through one step at a time. Because despite the impossibility of the task, we serve the One who makes impossible things happen!

Written by:

Jacki Hill

Chelsea JayComment