Day 21

Reading: Revelation 3:1-6


“Wake Up”


Are you “that person”…you know, the one that can sleep through an explosion at a nitroglycerin plant? If you aren’t that person, my guess is that you can visualize the face of someone who fits the description. Maybe it’s a spouse or a teenager in your house, possibly a college roommate or even an old friend. This person comes to mind because you have tried to wake them up before. You were the wake up call that you found to be as impossible as nailing Jell-o to a tree.


In Revelation 3, we read that the Church in Sardis is in need of a wake up call. The wake up call that Jesus is referring to in this passage is a rebuke of their spiritual alertness. The Lord acknowledges their works and even recognizes the reputation that they have of being alive, but in His eyes He sees them as being on life support.


Out of love, Jesus reminds the Church at Sardis to hold onto the message of grace that they have heard, and to repent of their sins. And while Jesus warns them that refusing to wake up will result in His judgment on the Church, He has hope that revival can take place because of a few genuine believers within the Church.


Lord, may WFBC be a church that has a reputation for being alive in Christ. May we not forget the message of grace and that it is ALL about YOU, Jesus. May we be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. Lord, show me areas in my life where I need a wake up call. Examine my heart and show me how I can demonstrate your love. 

Written by:

Scott Carson

Chelsea JayComment