Day 11

Read Matthew 5:43-48.

What does it mean to love your enemy? This is a question I personally struggle with and that's been on my mind for months.   One particular person (in my family) causes much trial and pain for me and my immediate family.  But am I to hate her? No. Am I to hope the worst for her? No. Am I to stay in a state of bitterness towards her? No. Am I tempted by all of the above? Yes.

As we relate to our enemies, Jesus is very concerned with our hearts.  He knows that what's going on in our hearts can cripple us or even destroy us.

What's going on in your heart towards the people in your life who are challenging or seem impossible to love?  

Let's pray for our "enemies" as verse 44 says! 

1. Spend time praying good for them... (For success in their career, for grace and wisdom as a parent or as a student, for their health, for their relationships, etc)

2. Spend time praying for their souls: that they would know Jesus if they don't

3. And finally, pray for your own heart. Ask The Lord to search your heart to see if there is any offensive way in you and ask Him to lead you in the way everlasting

We need a righteousness that doesn't come from ourselves, but from the Lord.  We can't love our enemies on our own; we need something stronger than ourselves.  That strength is found in Jesus Christ.  We are the children of God and through Christ’s death on the cross, we possess and have access to the righteousness of Christ and the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.  That’s really the only way we can love anyone well.

Written by:

Julie Murry

Chelsea JayComment