Day 10

And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, He interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself. […] When He was at the table with them, He took the bread and blessed and broke it and gave it to them. And their eyes were opened, and they recognized Him. And He vanished from their sight. They said to each other, ‘Did not our hearts burn within us while He talked to us on the road, while He opened to us the Scriptures?’”

( Luke 24:27, 30-32)

When difficulties arise for believers, the temptation can be to wonder if God has abandoned us. Recently I read through the gospel of Luke, looking for examples of Jesus’ involvement in individual lives. Not only was Jesus involved but He actively interrupted the lives of disciples, tax collectors, Pharisees, crowds, sick, demon-possessed, etc. Jesus’ life on earth revealed to the world that God is not distant. (Hebrews 1:1-3)

Jesus’ incarnation is not the only evidence of God’s involvement in humanity. In Luke 24, after His resurrection, Jesus walked with two disciples who did not recognize Him. In their conversation Jesus took the time to teach and explain Scripture to them. When the disciples finally realized who He was, Jesus vanished. Afterwards they said (paraphrase), “How did we not know that was Jesus? Didn’t our hearts burn within us while He spoke?”

A second evidence of God’s activity in a believer’s life is that He speaks directly to us through the Bible (2 Timothy 3:16) and explains it through His Spirit. (John 14:26) Like with these two disciples, God has interrupted the life of every follower by speaking and explaining Truth, often resulting in “burning hearts.” After having these encounters with God while reading Scripture, how can believers deny His involvement in our lives?

Written by:

Emily Kelly

Chelsea JayComment